Mobile Innovative Labs


Innovative Solutions for Schools

Innovation is an ongoing process. Everyday new and creative techniques are being developed to enhance the mental horizons of learners. Labs such as language labs, STEAM labs etc are constantly being created to help in the teaching /learning process. However, the learner is not always able to reach these diverse labs.

LITTLE KINGDOM SCHOOL, has therefore brought innovative labs into the classroom on trolleys. These labs are mapped with the curriculum and are meticulously planned to deliver and enhance the teaching learning process in schools. The materials and resources provided in these labs make appropriate and well matched educational aids to learning. The educator can use the valuable time saved in the research and development of these resources to focus on the learners’ needs in the classroom.

The mobile innovation lab for nursery schools isn’t a typical trolley. The school solution is an amazing mobile workshop and classroom training and support solution that helps in bringing the state-of-the-art technology to students. Carrying various new technologies, innovative products, latest circuitry and gadgets, the mobile innovation comes equipped with almost everything that can help your school kids to experiment and innovate new things.

Catering to the growing demand of mobile innovation labs in schools, LITTLE KINGDOM SCHOOL has come up with a solution that enables school children to learn basics of latest technologies including 3D printers, coding and programming technologies, robotics, computers and much more.

The prime goal to introduce mobile innovation labs for classes in schools is to deliver hands-on, authentic, and exciting learning experience to children. Helping hundreds of innocent minds and sharp learners to combine their capabilities, these labs can help them innovate new things together.

Need and Importance of Innovation Labs

  • Provides innovative solutions for projects and their obstacles

  • Helps in designing new solutions, testing things out, and figuring out newer technologies

  • Explore new areas of interest

  • Encourages children to embrace hands-on activities

  • Involves problem-solving and critical thinking processes

Imagination and Creativity Combines to Design the Future and Tomorrow!